European University of Social Sciences (CIVICA)

Eight world-class institutions in the social sciences, humanities, economics and business from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom, including Central European University, have formed a new European University of Social Sciences, CIVICA. In 2019, the European Commission selected CIVICA for funding as part of its network of 17 European Universities.


Central European University (Austria/Hungary), Bocconi University (Italy), European University Institute (Italy), the Hertie School (Germany), the National School of Administration and Political Science (Romania), Sciences Po (France) and the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) submitted a joint application under the name CIVICA The European University of Social Sciences to become one of the pilot European Universities in the first round of applications for European Commission support in 2019. London School of Economics (United Kingdom), contributing as an associate partner originally, gained full membership of the consortium in July 2020.

The CIVICA Alliance aims to serve European society; it will address current and emerging challenges, using existing and new means for and approaches to education, research and outreach in the social sciences and related areas.


  • Actively assume political responsibility, as Europeans, towards future generations
  • Raise the voice of the social sciences in the competitive world of higher education
  • Take part in the grand collective plan to transform the world of research and higher education


  • Flexible, sustainable and accountable governance structures
  • A European campus
  • A multi-campus bachelor's programme
  • Joint, blended master's modules
  • A common integrated space for European early stage researchers
  • Knowledge-creating teams to take on urgent societal challenges
  • Civic outreach
  • International outreach
  • A role-model for higher education institutions

The long-term vision of the ambitious project will be achieved incrementally. The starting point will be the intense collaboration already existing between the participating institutions.

2022 is envisaged as the first horizon for the CIVICA project; 2025 as a second; and beyond 2025 as a long-term strategy.

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CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences unites eight leading European higher education institutions in the social sciences, humanities, business management and public policy, with a total of 50,000 students and 10,000 faculty members.

Together, we build on an ever-stronger combination of teaching, research and innovation to mobilise and share knowledge as a public good and to facilitate civic responsibility in Europe and beyond.

CIVICA embodies the European idea in its purest form: "United in diversity." To this end, the student and faculty communities connected via the CIVICA alliance are at the heart of our identity and ethos. Together, we aim to build the European campus of the future: grounded in excellent learning and teaching, offering seamless mobility, promoting an interdisciplinary approach, and bridging education and research across all regions of Europe. 

CIVICA was selected in 2019 by the European Commission as one of the pilot European Universities, funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

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