Faculty-Published Books

CEU Faculty Edit Volume on Policy Experiments, Failures, and Innovations

The book, edited by Agnes Batory, professor at CEU's School of Public Policy and research fellow of the Center for Policy Studies (CPS), Andrew Cartwright, CPS research fellow,  and Diane Stone of the University of Canberra, and visiting scholar at CEU, takes a policy studies perspective in considerin

Sganga Offers Holistic Approach to Copyright Law in New Book

Caterina Sganga, associate professor in the Department of Legal Studies at CEU, has recently intervened in the debate on the construction and development of EU copyright law with her new book “Propertizing European Copyright. History, Challenges and Opportunities,” published by Edward Elgar.

Uitz and Sajo’s New Book Explores Why Constitutionalism Matters

Professor Renata Uitz and University Professor Andras Sajo, both of CEU's Department of Legal Studies, published “The Constitution of Freedom” with Oxford University Press, providing an overview of the history of the constitutional ideal, and the objective role it plays in sustaining democracy. In an age when constitutionalism and the system of checks and balances are increasingly challenged by populist leaders, this book aims to show what is at stake if we let the idea of constitutionalism falter.

Patterns of Women's Movement State Engagement Key to Gender Equality Sensitive Policies, Krizsan Writes

The Gender Politics of Domestic Violence. Feminist Engaging the State in Central and Eastern Europe by Andrea Krizsan, research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies and adjunct faculty at the School of Public Policy at CEU, and Conny Roggeband, assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, has been published by Routledge.

'Pagans and Christians' Book Co-Edited by CEU's Saghy Launched at University of Pecs

The book "Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches," edited by Marianne Saghy, associate professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU and Edward Schoolman of the University of Nevada, Reno, was launched at an event at the University of Pecs November 20. The book was published by CEU Press as part of the Medievalia series.