Frontiers of Democracy

Frontiers of Democracy is a far-reaching CEU initiative that aims to promote open debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas with a diversity of views about the nature of democracy today. Scroll down for news on upcoming and past events in the series. Click here for CEU faculty and student research related to this initiative.

Over the past two years, through the Frontiers of Democracy initiative, CEU academics and invited experts have explored the many aspects of democracy – from how it develops and functions, to how it has been challenged and has eroded in some regions. The final Frontiers of Democracy conference titled “Making Democracy Work” took place June 23 and explored innovative practices that are being used or planned for implementing, expanding, improving or changing democracy. - Hungarian news portal published an opinion piece on the concept of democracy, mentioning CEU’s Frontiers of Democracy initiative and its lectures about the state of democracy today.

The article was also published in Nepszabadsag (2.24.2016. p.10. Minek a valsaga a valsag?)

Electoral democracies with increasingly authoritarian regimes exploit elections, religion, the media, business, and foreign policy in different ways to cement power and ensure their appeal to the majority, panelists said at the “Illiberal Governance” conference at CEU Feb. 19-20, the third of four international conferences this academic year held as part of CEU’s Frontiers of Democracy Initiative. - Hungarian news portal reports: “Illiberal Governance” was the topic of a conference organized by CEU on February 19-20. The event, part of the university’s Frontiers of Democracy series initiative, which explores what democracy means in today's complex world, discussed the following questions: What is the nature of illiberal governance? What are its forms and manifestations?

The refugee crisis was amplified by a failure of western intervention policies, the loss of control of European borders, and insufficient support for refugee camps, according to Professor Michael Ignatieff of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, who spoke Jan. 12 and 14 at CEU.