Frontiers of Democracy

Frontiers of Democracy is a far-reaching CEU initiative that aims to promote open debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas with a diversity of views about the nature of democracy today. Scroll down for news on upcoming and past events in the series. Click here for CEU faculty and student research related to this initiative. - CEU's Frontiers of Democracy series kicked off the academic year 2015-16 with a powerful lineup of speakers including StanfordUniversity's Francis Fukuyama and ColumbiaUniversity's Saskia Sassen.

CEU’s Opening Ceremony, held September 21, celebrated the start of the 2015-2016 academic year and also launched the University’s 25th Anniversary. The incoming class, more than 600 students from a record 107 countries, received a special welcome from President and Rector John Shattuck.

Universities can play a positive role in the development and preservation of open society and democracies if they are granted academic freedom and autonomy, according to participants in the conference, “The University and the Transformations of Democracy,” held at CEU June 20. The event was hosted by the new Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education at CEU and the Frontiers of Democracy Initiative.

Founding School of Public Policy (SPP) Dean Wolfgang Reinicke opened the School’s Annual Conference by highlighting the key questions that the speakers and panelists would be addressing over the next two days: is democracy discredited and increasingly neglected around the world? If so, how and why – and what can be done about it?