Donors, Students Meet at Philanthropy Week Mixer

Some CEU donors got to meet the students their generosity supports at a very special on-campus reception, November 28. See photos.

Philanthropy Bake Sale Serves Generous Returns

The CEU community is hungry to give back. 

That's the takeaway from this year's 5th annual Bake It > Make It Forward fundraiser, held at CEU on Nov. 27. In kicking off the university's first-ever Philanthropy Week, community members raised a record 170,000 HUF ($638) by day's end in support of two great causes.

Philanthropy Week Celebrates, Encourages Giving

Give thanks. Pay it forward. Repeat. That’s what the CEU community in Budapest and beyond did recently during the university’s first-ever Philanthropy Week.

CEU Community Comes Together for Philanthropy Week

On November 27, on its fifth anniversary, Philanthropy Day became Philanthropy Week, full of exciting events everyone could get involved in. I had the chance to be part of Bake it >> Make it >>Forward, a very special event that encouraged the members of the CEU community to show off their baking skills by preparing sweet or savory treats or national specialties; and to share their skills which could be useful to their community, such as fixing laptops and more. (This was a twist from last year Bake it forward!)

A Night of Trivia

To cap off Philanthropy Week at CEU, the Student Philanthropy Council and the Alumni Relations office organized a Pub Quiz on Friday night. Philanthropy week, an expanded version of Philanthropy day which has been held annually at CEU, emphasized the importance of philanthropy and expressing gratitude to the people who support CEU.