On April 10, 2017, President of the Republic of Hungary Janos Ader signed into law amendments to Hungary’s national higher education legislation which restrict academic freedom for CEU and other international universities operating in Hungary.

CEU strongly disagrees with this decision and, accordingly, continues to pursue all available legal remedies. Further, CEU calls on the Hungarian government to display the “mutual good will” called for by President Ader to find a solution to enable CEU to stay in Budapest.

On October 25, 2018 the Board of Trustees of CEU announced that incoming students for its U.S.-accredited masters and doctoral programs will study at a new campus in Vienna beginning in the academic year 2019-20. The Trustees authorized the move as of December 1, 2018. 

We remain deeply grateful to the thousands of supporters whose vigorous defense of free inquiry, free exchange of knowledge, and free institutions of learning continues to encourage us. CEU will maintain the continuity of its teaching and research, its degree programs, and its service to the community, without interruption.

We will continue to keep you updated on future outreach and encourage you to:

Additionally, below are resources regarding the legislation and CEU's response:


Twenty-eight member groups of IFEX, the global network of organizations promoting and defending freedom of expression, have signed a

A Magyar Idegtudományi Társaság (MITT) Elnöksége nyílt levében állt ki a CEU mellett.

AFEW International is writing to express solidarity with the Central European University (CEU).

"CEU is a beacon of academic quality and openness and a central hub in our network of partner institutions ...

The faculty of Bard College has issued a statement in support of Central European University.

"Közelről figyeljük a Közép-európai Egyetemmel történteket. Nem hivatalos módon már kifejeztük a kormánynak az aggodalmainkat az egyetemet érintő döntésekkel kapcsolatban.

On May 4, Isabelle Poupart, Canadian Ambassador to Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, issued the following statement regarding recent amendments to Hungary’s 2011 law on national higher

We join the vigorous protest from observers around the world: academic, intellectual and political leaders in Europe, the US and other regions who most vehemently object to this assault on the CEU.

The member universities of the CENTRAL network wish to declare their solidarity with the prestigious Central European University in Budapest.

On April 10, 2017, the President of the Republic of Hungary, Janos Ader, signed into law amendments to Hungary’s national higher education legislation which restrict the academic freedom of CEU and