On April 10, 2017, President of the Republic of Hungary Janos Ader signed into law amendments to Hungary’s national higher education legislation which restrict academic freedom for CEU and other international universities operating in Hungary.

CEU strongly disagrees with this decision and, accordingly, continues to pursue all available legal remedies. Further, CEU calls on the Hungarian government to display the “mutual good will” called for by President Ader to find a solution to enable CEU to stay in Budapest.

We remain deeply grateful to the thousands of supporters whose vigorous defense of free inquiry, free exchange of knowledge, and free institutions of learning continues to encourage us. CEU will maintain the continuity of its teaching and research, its degree programs, and its service to the community, without interruption.

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Recent News

University of Brussels Expresses Support for CEU

"L'Université libre de Bruxelles se déclare profondément préoccupée par les amendements à la loi nationale sur l'enseignement supérieur votée par le Parlement hongrois en avril"

Full statement

Higher School of Economics, National Research University Stands By CEU

"Central European University is first and foremost a home for real research, a home that enables discoveries, and a home that is young and that does not stop developing for even a moment. Passports are irrelevant to science – it is global – and the likely closing of Central European University will be a blow to science, academic freedom and the most important freedom achieved by humanity – the freedom to access knowledge."

Read the full letter at the link below.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Supports CEU

"I am writing on behalf of the University of Wisconsin–Madison to express concern about legislative changes that jeopardize the status of Central European University (CEU) in Hungary. These changes challenge academic freedom in teaching and research at CEU, as well as the continuing operation of the university."

Read the full letter at the link below.

Hungarian Authors Wear Badges, Express Support for CEU at Budapest International Book Festival

At the XXIV. Budapest International Book Festival, many Hungarian authors are wearing #istandwithCEU badges and reading a statement in support of CEU, which is threatened by recently passed amendments to Hungary's higher education legislation. The statement follows: 

ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Supports CEU

The Central European University is part of the Hungarian higher education system since the democratic transition. For us, it is both Hungarian and international, one of the leading academic institutions in the region. The proposed legislation seriously violates the integrity of academia, and affects us almost as much as the citizens of the CEU. We hope that ELTE and CEU can continue the academic cooperation in the future . Therefore, as professors, lecturers, researchers and staff members of the ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, we stand with you.