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AFEW International is writing to express solidarity with the Central European University (CEU).

Az Amnesty International Magyarország is a CEU-val van: mert nagyon fontos, hogy szabadon lehessen tanítani és tanulni; mert nagyon sok olyan roma diáknak adtak lehetőséget, akiknek senki más; mert

As the leading organization working on freedom of expression ARTICLE 19 respectfully urges the government of Hungary to review the legislative changes to the status of the Central European Universi

Studenti i alumnisti Beogradske otvorene škole podržavaju Centralno-evropski univerzitet u momentu kada je u mađarskom parlamentu usvojen zakon kojim je onemogućeno nesmetano funkcionisanje ove aka

We express our strong solidarity with the management of CEU in its struggle to withdraw the amendments to Act CCIV of 2011 and stay in Hungary as free and independent university.

The decision by the Hungarian government to impose rules and regulations that knowingly will force CEU to close can be interpreted as nothing but an assault on academic freedom and the free exchang

Committed to academic freedoms and scientific dialogue, we are deeply concerned about the turn in Hungarian educational policies in general, the National Higher Education Act in particular and its

In the past, EU foreign ministers have rightly criticised government intimidation of academics and students in Turkey, and Russian attempts to close down the European University in St Petersburg.

On behalf of European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) I am writing to express solidarity with Central European University and express our concern at proposed legislative changes to CEU's sta

I believe that CEU is a valued member of the international academic community, and has a well-deserved and hard-earned excellent reputation.