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"Közelről figyeljük a Közép-európai Egyetemmel történteket. Nem hivatalos módon már kifejeztük a kormánynak az aggodalmainkat az egyetemet érintő döntésekkel kapcsolatban.

The Hungarian leader’s latest target is Budapest’s critical, multicultural Central European University. His illiberal ideology must not be allowed to spread.

The Central European University fulfils a special role in the academic life in our region and Europe as a whole.

The right to freedom of education must never be compromised.

The Central European University is quite an oasis in the Eastern European spectrum of educational institutions.

Former President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski expressed his concern about the amendments to Hungary's higher education law in a letter to President and Rector Michael Ignatieff.

The GEMMA consortium includes seven European universities (University of Granada, University of Oviedo, Bologna University, University of Hull, Utrecht University, University of Lodz and CEU), and

"Chancellor Merkel’s spokesperson stated 4/5/17 at a press conference in Berlin:

Jean-François Balaudé, president of the Paris-Nanterre University, president of the Alliance nationale ATHENA writes in defense of CEU in France's Liberation.

The Central European University's contribution to a progressive democratic order is essential, especially in a part of the world that has historically been so plagued by harmful ideologies, be it a