Rethinking Open Society

We're a university with a difference and the difference is our open society mission," according to President and Rector Michael Ignatieff. "Over the past 25 years, we've never hesitated to rethink our mission in the light of new circumstances. In the wake of recent world events, CEU's mission is more important than ever. More than ever, we need to stand for open minds and open frontiers at a time when political forces of anger, exclusion and closure are in the ascendant. Click below to find out more about the Re-thinking Open Society Project.

Rethinking Open Society

CEU's Rethinking Open Society project brings leading thinkers to CEU to examine open society, its history, its achievements and failures and its future prospects in a world where its ideals are under threat. Scroll down for articles, and see the left bar for upcoming events.

Central Europe Is Back, Rupnik says

With its stance on migration, Central Europe is back in the limelight, said Jacques Rupnik, professor and director of research of the Centre de Recherches Internationales at Sciences Po, at CEU on March 30 as part of the Rethinking Open Society series. Europe should not compromise on its principles, but has to make them adaptable in Central Europe as well, Rupnik said.

Three Paradoxes Fuel the Drift Toward Populism in Europe, Krastev Says

Migration of people, information, and ideas is the phenomenon that is threatening the concept of open society and transforming democracy into an instrument for exclusion, according to Ivan Krastev, chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, and permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (IWM).

Defense of Free Speech More Important Than Ever for Open Society, Garton Ash Says

February 28, 2017

The defense of free speech is more important than ever in an interconnected, globalizing world in which the disillusioned are turning toward more closed societies, says Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford and director of the Free Speech Debate project.

Backsliding of Democracy Caused in Part by Debtor-Creditor Tensions, Bohle Says

Debtor-creditor tension has created conditions conducive to democratic backsliding and populism, according to Dorothee Bohle, Chair in Social and Political Change at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute, speaking as part of CEU's Re-thinking Open Society project.

Commitment to Open Society Requires Examining its Basic Assumptions, Ignatieff Says

As we confront the new international situation, in which open society values and liberal democratic freedoms are under threat, we must review the basic assumptions of the concept of open society, and engage honestly with the criticism of it, according to CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff, speaking at the launch of the Re-thinking Open Society project at CEU on January 17.