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We, as Board of the Scientific Society of Italian Medieval Archaeologists, urge you to act on your Presidential prerogative and send the Bill to the Constitutional Court of Hungary where the above

In the quarter-century since its foundation, CEU has established a leading position as an internationally renowned research center in – among other fields – the human and social sciences.

L'eccellenza della CEU è indubbia: nei ranking internazionali, alcuni dei dipartimenti della CEU sono considerati tra i migliori 50 nel mondo; ricercatori affiliati alla CEU hanno ottenuto fondi da

La CPU dénonce une application littérale et aveugle d'un principe de préférence nationale pour le moins discutable, et espère que cet exemple malheureux ne sera pas suivi par d'autres pays en Europ

On behalf of the CNRS backed research unit LEGS (Laboratoire d'études de genre et de sexualité, UPL, Université Paris 8, Université Paris Nanterre, CNRS, France), we wish to express our solidarity

As a United States-based international association, we are deeply concerned about the attack on a major academic institution with whom we have partnered over more than two decades.

Thanks to its outstanding reputation, the Central European University is one of the vital contact points for academic initiatives based in or focused on Hungary.

CEU's contribution to the development of social sciences in Central Europe has been of crucial importance for fostering democratic and civic values in the region.

The MCO is concerned that these and other requirements would be prohibitive, threatening CEU's ability to operate.

A kulturális antropológia legfőbb vállalása az emberi kultúra megismerhetősége és a megértés gyakorlása.