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The National Alliance of Romanian Students’ Associations (ANOSR) expresses its support towards Budapest’s Central European University’s (CEU/KEE) academic community, during a time in which the very

The National Alliance of Romanian Students' Associations (ANOSR)expresses its support towards Budapest's Central European University's (CEU/KEE) academic community, during a time in which the very

The board of the International Association of Hungarian Studies believes that no national academic discipline can be cultivated in isolation.

We fear that the amendment threatens the very existence of this outstanding university.

The Bill renders CEU's continued operations in Budapest virtually impossible and strikes a severe blow against the academic freedom that enables all universities, including those in Hungary, to flo

As concerned citizens and students, we are writing to express solidarity with Central European University and express concern at proposed legislative changes to CEU's status in Hungary.

CEU is a valued member of the international academic community and its presence in Hungary has added to the reputation of Hungarian acedmic life on the international stage.