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"A felsőoktatási törvény módosításáról

A Rajk László Szakkollégium a következő pontokban szeretne reagálni az elmúlt napok eseményeire:

The Central European University established its reputation as a leading world research institution and graduate school.

Our express desire as the AE, is always to see excellence supported and academic collaborative endeavour promoted within all the countries of Europe.

We are a group of international scholars who respect and admire the academic excellence of the CEU, the great contributions that the Central European University has made to Hungarian and European s

We, the undersigned academics at the University of Amsterdam, want to alert the European academic community to this development and call upon everybody to sign the petition to save CEU

We consider the proposed legislation a fundamental threat to basic and internationally valid principles of conducting science and research, including scientific excellence, self-governance and acad

As the elected leaders of the two major scholarly organizations for the academic study of Jews and Judaism in North America, the Association for Jewish Studies and the American Academy for Jewish R

AAA joins its voice with many others in calling for the immediate withdrawal of this legislation and for allowing CEU to remain a beacon of academic freedom throughout Europe and, indeed, the world

"The American Federation of Teachers expresses its solidarity with the faculty, students, education support staff and administration of Central European University in their battle for independence

"This evisceration of the work of CEU would deprive Hungary, Europe, and the world of a valuable intellectual resource.