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I am concerned that the proposed legislation downgrades CEU's status and will radically reduce its capacity to be an international centre of excellence.

On behalf of the Bureau of the International Association of Byzantine Studies, which represents scholars form 38 countries across Europe and internationally, I am writing to express our great conce

Leopoldina sent a concerned letter on the higher education legislation passed on Tuesday, 4 April 2017, addressed to His Excellency János Áder, President of Hungary, to His Excellency Viktor Orbán,

The German Political Science Association (DVPW) is profoundly concerned about these developments because the proposed legislative changes might undermine academic freedom, research, and exchange.

CEU is a valued member of the international academic community and its presence in Hungary has added to the reputation of Hungarian academic life on the international stage.

We are aware that Hungary and the
international community has benefitted greatly from the activities of the CEU. We

The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) stands in solidarity with the Central European University (CEU).

Open letter from IAPSS in support of CEU: As the global representation of students of political science and related disciplines, we express our concerns at proposed changes of Hungarian higher educ

The board of the International Association of Hungarian Studies believes that no national academic discipline can be cultivated in isolation.

In my capacity as President of the International Federation for Research in Women’s History, an