Statements of Support

CEU and academic freedom are under threat in Hungary today. CEU is heartened by the flow of public statements of support for the University and for academic freedom in Hungary.

Here's a brief summary of events to date:

On April 4, 2017, without consulting with CEU, the Hungarian Parliament passed amendments to the Higher Education Law of Hungary that effectively forces CEU to cease operating the way it has been for 25 years. On April 10, President Janos Ader signed the bill into law, disregarding arguments by prominent Hungarian law professors calling the law unconstitutional, and the demand of tens of thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets in Budapest calling on Ader to reject the bill.

Since the tabling of the legislation, CEU has received a flood of support from international and domestic academic circles including 19 Nobel prize laureates, EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas, the president of Germany, the presidents of Harvard, Duke, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Oxford and several others, the International Association of Universities and thousands of researchers and professional organizations worldwide, as well as students and colleagues in Hungary, among them the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, rectors of major universities and large student organizations. The United States Department of State has expressed its clear support for CEU and for academic freedom, as has the government of Germany. The European Commission has called for a review of the legislation, which raises concerns about a core European value.

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Statements of Support

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We thus declare our opposition to the proposed punitive legislation and express our full solidarity with the Rector, students, employees, and faculty of Central European University.

Northwestern University's Vice President for International Relations, Devora Grynspan expresses support for CEU.

Véleményünk szerint a kormányzat felelőtlenül gondolkodik, amikor el akarja üldözni a legsikeresebb magyarországi oktatási intézményt.

We appeal to the Hungarian government and  Parliament to reject any initiatives that might negatively affect the further functioning of Central European University in Budapest. 

"The legislation passed by the parliament on first reading on Tuesday threatens the operation and autonomy of the Central European University," said Director Link.

We strongly hope that the Government of Hungary will critically assess the country’s current National Higher Education laws and eliminate all aspects that could have dilatory effects on academic fr

signed prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Rector of Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic
CEU Alumnus
prof. PhDr. Josef Jarab, CSc.

We consider the CEU as a valuable member of the international academic life and value its high reputation on the international academic scene.

The Bill renders CEU's continued operations in Budapest virtually impossible and strikes a severe blow against the academic freedom that enables all universities, including those in Hungary, to flo

A CEU esetleges kivonulása az országnak és az egyetemnek is maradandó és súlyos károkat, akár örökre pótolhatatlan veszteségeket okozhatna.

On behalf of the Governing Body of Pembroke College, Oxford, I would like to express our deep concern at the proposed changes and emphasise our support for CEU and our commitment to the academic an

As concerned citizens and students, we are writing to express solidarity with Central European University and express concern at proposed legislative changes to CEU's status in Hungary.

The aim of the amendment which is being prepared at the moment is to hinder or even prevent further activities of the Central European University in Budapest.

Recent proposed changes to CEU's status in Hungary are alarming.

CEU is a valued member of the international academic community and its presence in Hungary has added to the reputation of Hungarian acedmic life on the international stage.

We appeal to the Government of Hungary to refrain once and for all from any action that may harm the CEU in its mission of developing and disseminating knowledge of the highest standards.

Polish Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar, who graduated from CEU in 2001, called on the Polish academic community to support CEU.

We a have serious concerns about the future of the CEU, whose programs in Myanmar have been benefitting many universities and their faculty members and students alike.

The Political Studies Association (PSA) of the UK strongly condemns the actions taken against Central European University (CEU) in Hungary.

Az egyetem működésének ellehetetlenítése, vagy akár csak korlátozása mindannyiunk vesztesége lenne, egyúttal pedig a szabadságjogok, és a tudomány szabadságának elfogadhatatlan megsértése.

In many countries, academic freedom is under attack.

In just twenty-five years CEU has established itself as a respectable university with a global reputation for teaching and research in the social sciences and humanities.

Az ELTE Filozófia Intézetének a CEU Filozófia Tanszéke kiemelten fontos partnere.

Az ELTE Irodalomtudományi Doktori Iskolájának programvezetői szolidaritást vállalnak a CEU-val, a magyar felsőoktatási struktúrába szervesen illeszkedő, kiváló eredményeket felmutató, kooperatív sz

A Proton Cinema mélyen elítéli a szabadságjogok bárminemű korlátozását, - a tanszabadságét is. Hiszünk abban, hogy tanítani csak szabad, független környezetben és szemléletben lehet.

As an international body of psychologists, neuroscientists, and cognitive scientists, we can tell you that our colleagues at Central European University are among the most respected in the world. 

"Your institution is a hotbed of talent and is known on an international level as
one of the best universities for research in attracting competitive funds. The

"The Central European University not only is a highly ranked University with excellent international reputation but also a well-respected partner of the University of Graz."

Die Universität Wien unterhält seit vielen Jahren vielfältige und fuchtbare Beziehungen zur Central European University.

On behalf of the research network Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-méditerranéen d’Études sur les femmes et le genre-RUSEMEG, we wish to express our solidarity with the faculty and adminis

We express our grave concern for the situation in Budapest and our Alma Mater.

We at San Diego State University value the independence of universities and their
scholars to organize themselves, study and do research. This fundamental principle of

Scholars at Risk (SAR) has issued a letter to Hungarian authorities expressing concern over proposed legislative amendments that apparently target Central European University (CEU).

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of more than 450 universities and colleges in 35 countries (including CEU) dedicated to protecting the human rights of scholars around the world,

It is with concern that we have learnt about the Hungarian amendments to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education that passed into law on April 4th 2017.

In the name of the School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, I express deep concerns with regard to the proposed legislative change in your country which, in our opinion, represen

I, and many of my colleagues, were disturbed to learn about Bill T/14686 amending Act CCIV of 2011 which would threaten Central European University's continued operation.

We respectfully urge your Government to withdraw the proposed legislation and enter consultation with CEU, bearing in mind the damage such legislation might do to Hungary's well-founded internation

Sciences Po strongly opposes the Hungarian Government's proposed legislation that would effectively shut down the Central European University in Budapest.

Governments should at all times respect the independence of academic institutions, where free intellectual inquiry and open debates are crucial for the long-term development of society.

As concerned citizens in Hungary, Europe, and around the world, we are writing to express solidarity with Central European University and express concern at proposed legislative changes to CEU's st

The Serbian Political Science Association (SPSA) supports the CEU in its struggle for academic freedom, democracy and pluralism in Hungary.

Central European University in Budapest, offering programs accredited in Hungary and in the United States, enabled many Slovaks, including several members of the Slovak Economic Association, to acq

On behalf of the Slovak Historical Society (comprising of more than over 350 historians working in different institutions of historical research in Slovakia and abroad).

In order for the traditionally excellent and internationally renowned Hungarian science base to continue its leading and pioneering role in the region and its strong European and international part