Application process

Apply to CEU InnovationsLab by sending an email with your application package to InnovationsLab Director Andrea Kozma at

Please indicate in the body of your email how you are connected to CEU and attach the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Business plan and executive summary (presentation form).
    Include the following information:
    • Business model
    • Research done to date
    • Target customer/application
    • IP protection in process or anticipated
    • CEO/management team
  • One-Year Action Plan for the incubation (highlight how iLab can help you during this time)
  • CV’s and contact information of founders or any other key personnel

After receiving your package, we will organize you an interview where your application will be evaluated by the CEU InnovationsLab Project Selection and Team Progress Oversight Committee and relevant external advisors to CEU InnovationsLab.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you are accepted and there isn’t a vacancy in the Lab, you will be waitlisted for a spot.

Selection Criteria

The central question the committee members will ask is: “Will this company or organization solve real problems and build something people want or need?”