Start-Up Benefits

Startup Benefits CEU iLab

Are you a member of the CEU community with a start-up idea? Launch your company at CEU InnovationsLab! Applications are on a rolling basis and we have onboarding two times a year. All firms or other organizations must somehow be associated with one or more CEU students, staff, faculty, or alumni. Scroll down for more information and how to apply.

Why CEU InnovationsLab ?

Start-ups that join CEU InnovationsLab become members of a knowledge network that can help them thrive. They also receive physical resources any young venture needs to function. As a CEU InnovationsLab start-up, you will benefit from access to:

Diverse, Motivated Talent

We connect start-ups to CEU’s international student and faculty community. Our Finance, Business Analytics, Technology Management, Economics and other master’s degree students are eager to work with energetic start-ups and contribute their fresh thinking and fresh ideas. We can also connect you to Budapest’s skilled technology and engineering workforce.


Members of CEU InnovationsLab are plugged into the entire CEU research community. This facilitates R&D collaboration with CEU departments, centers, and institutes in disciplines ranging from economics to environmental sciences. We also have partnerships with other universities and research institutions.


CEU InnovationsLab connects start-ups with opportunities for venture capital, angel investment, and other forms of growth equity, as well as non-traditional funding sources.


Our relationships with local organizations and international companies can ease entry into local, regional, and global markets, and connect you with potential customers.

Office Resources and Space

  • Secure, furnished office space
  • Shared administrative services, Conference and smart rooms
  • Classroom to accommodate large groups
  • Standard office resources: high-speed Internet, phone, mail, printers, copiers, etc.