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Talk-a-Bot CEU iLab InnovationsLab


The technology of chat bots is rapidly increasing with more and more companies allowing automated communication with users. Our venture was inspired by Facebook’s decision to allow chat bots in the Messenger platform, which has over 900 million users and manages 60 billion messages everyday. Our venture will develop chat bot’s for companies as a one stop-shop with the bot software, system integration and marketing consultancy in a complete package.
Akos Deliaga:
Gergely Kalydi:

With its graduation in the beginning of 2019 Talk-A-Bot set iLab graduation benchmark at:

  • A round investment raised on the market
  • EUR 450K revenue
  • Doubled or tripled revenue y-o-y
  • 10+ jobs created

Read the story here: Talk-A-Bot Secures Two Million Euros

Our Current Teams




We provide an easy-to-use, cloud-based edutainment platform where anyone without coding skills can build and publish gamified e-learning projects. The various in-built assessment features also revolutionize the general grading approach decreasing the educator’s workload in the grading process. Our main clients are companies with external/internal training needs and educational institutions.
Tamas Zahorszky:                                                                                            




Develops and distributes gluten free, lactose free and vegan protein mixes and bars. Pick your favorite flavors below and start using #Absorice today.

Tamas Nagy:
Marton Olah:



Brokerchooser helps people invest by matching them to the best investment services. We are transforming how people invest by making investment services Pan-European. Founded in 2016, Brokerchooser quickly became the leading European broker comparison site.
Tibor Bedo:
Gergely Korpos:


Café Loyola Kft. CEU InnovationsLab iLab

Café Loyola

Café Loyola Kft. specializes in the wholesale trade of coffee, imports and sells Cafe Villa Loyola's premium and best coffee beans (raw green coffee beans and  roast coffee beans) in bulk, directly from its origin, Nariño, Colombia - at the same time supporting the Society of Jesus and the Suyusama Fundation in Colombia who work on conservation projects and environmental protection.
Andres Turay:


CEU InnovationsLab iLab Haggl


Haggl aims to be community of choice to support families in the digital world. Our venture will provide a safe learning platform for improving family relationships and supplementing children’s education through gamified device access. We vision smart devices as an aid, not a hindrance.
Mark Downey:
Zsolt Mezei:



ryde rydecars ceu ilab innovationslab


Ryde is a peer to peer car-sharing marketplace connecting community members to earn income and drive the cars of their dreams. We believe in taking care of our customers first and ensuring our members have an exceptional experience in any neighborhood or community we serve. We take pride in offering vehicles that are unique and available to be customized exactly as our renters choose. Ryde helps car owners and renters navigate the world in style.

Saleha Bhatti:




Savage is revamping the established mode of B2B events, bringing insight, meaning and discussion to the forefront of the events industry. Savage is dedicated to creating events that attract the world’s leading marketers, entrepreneurs, disruptors, brands, and technology under one roof. Today Savage stands on two legs: ‘Conferences’ and ‘Intel’ bringing our clients the latest news, techniques, interviews and research from around the globe. It’s flagship event - Savage Marketing - takes place annually in Amsterdam.
Saida Ayupova
Steve George
Jason Clowes

- CEU iLab InnovationsLab is directly linking together chefs and restaurant owners with SME food producers over all Europe. Through our online B2B platform chefs can order specialty food products directly from the producers, even in small quantities. We are lowering the cost and delivery time of the product and prolonging freshness. We are a start up team of young and committed individuals working on bringing change to the food supply chain.

Zsolt Balog: 

Link to our introduction video:


CEU InnovationsLab iLab Walter's Cube

Walter's Cube

Walter's Cube is a 3D interactive digital archive for art exhibitions. This mobile-based app is useful for archiving and promoting art. The application is online and available to download from Appstore and Playstore. The company has been established since 2016 and based out of Budapest and New York.
Tyagi Pallava, Director/Archivist: