CEU Inspired Winning Submissions

Congratulations to Aliz Bineth ("Looking forward" - Category Writing), Edit Kalman ("My Home"- Category Photo essay), and Anastasia Kvasha ("Spring in a Jar" - Category Drawing) the winners of the CEUInspired contest!

Thank you to all CEU alumni, students and staff who participated and helped make this contest a success! For a peak into all the art and writing our community created during this campaign use the #CEUInspired on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Winning Submissions 

Spring in a Jar

Anastasia Kvasha, PhD Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Spring in a Jar

“I cannot say I used the time of this forced self-isolation as wisely as I could. With all the Covid-inspired pressure to suddenly be more productive than ever, I haven’t finished the draft of my dissertation nor wrote an article. But the one thing I was most happy and satisfied with was finding the time to draw, much more regularly than I expected from myself. In the middle of the lockdown, I had a chance to join the contour drawing workshop, organized by the Center for Arts and Culture at CEU. With the inspiration from this event, the same night I draw the poppies in a jar standing on my windowsill. I found so much joy in just drawing the flowers as they could easily tolerate my clumsiness and it didn't matter how precisely the final result would match the reality. And maybe I missed the spring this year, as well as many other things, but now I know I can capture such little things like poppies in my drawings.”

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Looking forward

Aliz Bineth, BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics program

Looking Forward

"In the background the neighbor is having a conversation with a woman: “ça va? Ça va? Ça va! Ça va!” “weird.”- I thought. Fascinating how you can have a full conversation with only four letters......Never have I thought to experience such a word [sic] phenomena [sic]…... Facing challenges daily was a significant part of the day, mostly as I spent lockdown with three children, under the age of ten, for more than two months. I was not only in confinement with them, but also [sic] I had also full responsibility to take care of them during the day. …...Not being able to escape this environment, pushed me to my limits and made me adopt to possibilities that nature had in store for me. “

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My Home

Edit Kalman, Director, Student Recruitment, Central European University

My Home

“In the time of a global pandemic, we spend our days and weeks within the walls of our homes. Alone, together with our families or far from them, day after day, we search for harmony and solace. The photo essay was inspired by the below beautiful quotation (accompanying the individual photographs) and portraying the things one’s soul appreciates and wants to nurture in life.”

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