Cindy Osei Agyemang (SPP, Ghana)

Tell us about yourself. 

I studied Social Work with Sociology at the University of Ghana during my undergraduate studies. As a student, I did a lot of volunteering since it was my passion to help and also a requirement for every social work student to assist individuals, groups and societies without expecting anything back. I taught level 400 and 300 students at the university after my studies in Ghana as another means of serving the university as a student.  

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program? 

Participating in the Student Recruitment Internship is one of the best decisions I have made in my life since it is my passion to serve people and communities. I see this internship as another way of giving back to society since it was society that had brought me this far. Reaching out to prospective students motivates me a lot since I was also once a prospective student. I hope to help anyone who is interested in becoming part of the CEU community. 

Why would you recommend CEU to a prospective student? 

I would recommend CEU to all prospective students because CEU is a lovely community for exploring life and expanding your knowledge and experience. 

What makes CEU special for you? 

What makes CEU special to me is the university’s willingness to help students further their studies in their field with financial aid/scholarship.