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Students who used UniBuddy and have since joined the CEU community:


I am quite well acquainted with UniBuddy, as I have been using it for a couple of years now. I've tried it on both sides: from the student recruitment side, but before anything else, I know how useful it is from prospective students' perspective. UniBuddy helped me personally last year throughout the different stages of the application process to CEU. Thanks to CEU UniBuddies, I got a better insight into the different programs offered by CEU; and they gave me recommendations about which programs would best fit my personal interests. In addition, UniBuddies supplemented the information provided by CEU staff members, which was extremely useful for making up my mind. Lastly, I highly recommend signing up for the marketing messages, as it is not at all about spamming (as some would expect). You do get a lot of helpful extra information about many aspects of CEU's academic and student life – and this was a pivotal factor for me when I decided to enroll!


I only learned about UniBuddy after I had been offered provisional admission into CEU. At the time, I had several questions on my mind about the admission process, making the big decision to accept the offer, sending relevant documents, the tedious hassle of meeting visa application requirements and preparations to travel to Budapest (where CEU was, at the time, still located) from Nigeria. Although I did appreciate the useful correspondence I had back and forth with the admissions office, my departmental coordinator etc., I cannot stress how helpful it was to be able to talk to another student already in the system, who offered both experiential and fact-based information, which answered some of my big questions and allayed my personal fears and concerns. The UniBuddy in question provided informative assistance right from when I gained admission up till the time I arrived in Budapest and began my own CEU experience. Now that I think about it, the application process would have probably been much easier to walk through if I had the timely support of a UniBuddy. As it is, a CEU UniBuddy is useful for having down-to-earth, personalized information but, even more, the ritual of reaching out to a student with departmental, national, research-based, hobby-centered affinities is a pivotal part of starting one's CEU journey. Just knowing that one is sure to never walk alone does instill an assurance of having a smooth sail.

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Housekeeping rules

Welcome to Unibuddy! This platform is to help you make a good start in the CEU community. Feel free to take advantage of it: get to know current students, ask questions, seek advice and learn more about the CEU experience!

To make sure UniBuddy remains an enjoyable and safe environment for both prospective students and UniBuddies, it is crucial all users respect the following rules:

  1. UniBuddies are here to answer your questions. To ensure a smooth process, please first always check if you can find the answer to your question on our website. Should you need further information or clarification, feel free to reach out to the UniBuddies.
  2. UniBuddies are here to answer your questions about programs, academic life or student life. Please refrain from asking them to proofread application materials or visa-related documents, as they are not qualified to do so. If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to our program representatives (BA students:, MA and PhD students:; ECBS students:
  3. Please respect UniBuddies' private life and only chat on the UniBuddy platform rather than on social media.
  4. Please note that the administrators and moderators of this platform are CEU employees.
  5. Thank you for your cooperation.



How should I choose a UniBuddy?

This may depend on what you would like to know most about. If you are mostly interested in the program or department you will be applying to, then you might want to pick a UniBuddy who is enrolled in a similar program. Alternatively, you might want to select a UniBuddy who comes from your home country or who shares your extracurricular interests.

Do I need to have an account to chat with a buddy?

Yes, you must set up an account before chatting with our UniBuddies. To set up an account, click on the "sign up" button at the top of the page.

What if I am a high school student looking for bachelor's degrees? Can I still chat with a UniBuddy?

We currently have no UniBuddies from our bachelor's programs, unfortunately. However, if you have more general questions about life in Vienna or the university culture, you are still very welcome to get in touch with a UniBuddy from the master's or PhD programs. If you have more specific questions about CEU's undergraduate programs, you should email

What if I have specific questions about the admissions process, visas or the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic?

You should avoid asking specifically admissions-related questions from our UniBuddies, since this information can vary from year to year. Instead, please reach out to

What if there are no UniBuddies from my program?

If there are no UniBuddies from the program or track you're interested in, you can always contact one who is in the same department. If you simply want to get an insight into academic and student life at CEU, you can also reach out to a UniBuddy who shares your interests or comes from your home country.

What if there are no UniBuddies from my department?

If you have general questions about the student experience, university culture or life in Vienna, you can reach out to any of our UniBuddies. If you have questions about the student experience in a particular department, you should reach out to or talk to the relevant program coordinator.

When do UniBuddies reply?

We always aim to reply within 24 hours. Sometimes it may be necessary to refer your question to one of our recruitment specialists, but we will let you know if this is necessary. In case your UniBuddy has not answered within 72 hours, feel free to send a follow-up message.

What should I do if a UniBuddy does not reply?

It is worth sending a follow-up message to the UniBuddy, since they may have simply missed the notification. Otherwise, you can reach out to another UniBuddy or contact