Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Last updated on April 2, 2020

1. Application process 

Q: I would like to apply to CEU. Can I still submit my application?
A: Yes, applications remain open for academic year 2020-2021 – check our deadlines in the admissions section, plus also look at the relevant CEU department website. We have switched to remote applications review, and all processes are in place to ensure that the admissions timeline is unaffected by Covid-19. 

Q: Do you expect any delays in publishing admission results?
A: We are sticking to the admissions decisions as per the original timeline published on our website.

Q: I would like to apply, but I am worried that travel bans could prevent me from enrolling for fall 2020. Are classes going to start at CEU in fall 2020?
A: It is hard to predict how the Covid-19 situation will develop over the next several months. Universities around the world, including CEU, are closely monitoring developments. If you are interested in joining CEU in fall 2020 but are concerned about current travel restrictions, we would still encourage you to apply. We are committed to ensuring that all our incoming students can enroll for academic year 2020-2021. If your application is successful, we will be in touch with the next steps leading up to registration. We are currently exploring creative solutions for launching the new academic year and will update you regularly as more information becomes available.

Q: I reside in a country affected by the pandemic. Will this impact my chances of being admitted?
A: No. We consider all applications regardless of nationality, home country or current location, as has always been the case. 

Q: My university is currently closed, and I might not receive my bachelor’s degree by my planned enrollment date at CEU. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. You may enroll based on a graduation certificate and may submit the certified copy of your bachelor’s diploma at a later date, when it becomes available.

Q: Who can I contact with application-related questions?
A: Please do not hesitate to email us at

2. Application requirements

Q: The English language proficiency exam I was planning to take has been cancelled/suspended in my country. Is there an alternative option?
A: We know that several testing centers have closed, but some providers are temporarily offering special ‘home versions’ to meet the needs of students who are currently unable to take the test. For TOEFL iBT, check here to see whether this is offered in your area. In addition, since we do not want anyone to lose an opportunity due to the current situation, we now also accept the Duolingo English Language Test, which can be taken online. The required minimum score for both bachelor’s and master’s applicants is 110.

Q: Can I get an extension on gathering all the required documents from my university?
A: Yes. We know that many schools and universities have closed all over the world as a result of the pandemic, and we are closely following the situation. Given current circumstances, you may upload unofficial copies of your academic records, with an uncertified translation if applicable.

Q: Can the application fee be waived due to the current Covid-19 situation?
A: The one-time application fee of EUR 30 cannot be waived, but you will only need to pay it once in an application period, regardless of how many programs you are applying to (up to five). For more information, please check this page.

3. Visa-related issues

Q: I have concerns about how student visa applications will be affected. What should I do?
A: We understand that visa application timelines may be affected, and we are liaising with and following updates and recommendations from the Austrian authorities. In addition, we suggest that you check with the local Austrian embassy or consulate. Currently all Austrian representations abroad have closed due to the entry ban into Austria. For now, please make sure to follow social-distancing advice and do not take any risks for the sake of visa applications or other administrative requirements. There is ample time for you to collect and legalize all necessary documentation and submit your visa or residence permit application.

Q: Who can I turn to at CEU with visa-related inquiries?
A: Contact – we are online every day during normal office hours.

4. Staying in touch 

Q: I was planning to visit the CEU campus. Is this still possible?
A: Unfortunately, no. All university premises are currently closed to students and the public until further notice. All of our classes have moved online, and our staff work remotely. We can offer you online alternatives to face-to-face meetings and physical tours, such as webinars and one-on-one sessions.