Covid-19 FAQ: Information for applicants and admitted students

Is vaccination obligatory in Austria?  
A: Vaccination is mandatory in Austria as of February 3, 2022.  

Can I enter Austria if I am not vaccinated with a vaccine recognized in Austria?  
A: You will be allowed to enter Austria under certain immunity conditions (for updates on current entry rules, click here). 

You will be required to get a recognized vaccine shortly after your arrival. Before you travel, please consult your physician as to whether there are any medical reasons precluding your from receiving a recognized vaccine in Austria, on top of any other vaccines you may already have received in your home country. To see a list of vaccines recognized in Austria, click here.   
When should I expect changes to some of these regulations?  
A: Covid-19 regulations are regularly updated by the Austrian authorities, often at short notice. Please contact the Austrian embassy in your country and follow updates on the official government websites here and here. 

Austria is a federal state, and regulations vary across the country. Please note that covid measures in Vienna can differ from those required to cross the border and are likely to be stricter. See here more updates from Vienna.

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