In order to promote equal opportunities for both sexes, family-friendly policies and childcare are amongst CEU’s priorities. CEU puts especial effort in creating an academic and working environment that recognizes the importance of reconciling professional and private lives.

 “Caregiver” refers to any faculty, student, or staff member responsible for any form of caring for dependents, such as an elderly parent or a child. 

CEU offers policies/programs, facilities, communication, and information to members of the CEU community who are parents and/or caregivers in order to facilitate their participation in academic and institutional activities and programs.

Caring for children

Community members with young children may use the family-friendly space in Nador 13 Ground Floor for quiet time or nursing. Children must not be left unattended at these premises. There are diaper-changing facilities in the Nador 9 building and the Parenting room:

  • Nador 9, Ground Floor, 2nd Floor ( disabled-access rest rooms)
  • Nador 13, Ground Floor, (Parenting Room)

If you are a CEU community member, we invite you to join the closed Facebook group CEU Parents. The group is a support network for CEU students, faculty, and staff with children, facilitating information exchange and discussion of parenting –related issues specific to the CEU community and Hungary.