Caregiver” refers to any faculty, student, or staff member responsible for any form of caring for dependents, such as an elderly parent or a child. 

CEU offers policies/programs, facilities, communication, and information to members of the CEU community who are parents and/or caregivers in order to facilitate their participation in academic and institutional activities and programs.

Caring for children

Community members with young children may use the family-friendly space in Nador 13 Ground Floor for quiet time or nursing. Children must not be left unattended at these premises. There are diaper-changing facilities in the Nador 9 building and the Parenting room:

  • Nador 9, Ground Floor, 2nd Floor ( disabled-access rest rooms)
  • Nador 13, Ground Floor, (Parenting Room)

If you are a CEU community member, we invite you to join the closed Facebook group CEU Parents. The group is a support network for CEU students, faculty, and staff with children, facilitating information exchange and discussion of parenting –related issues specific to the CEU community and Hungary.