CEU aims to provide an environment in which there is convenient access to facilities for persons with disabilities. In case you identify any barriers, please contact Aniko Kellner at kellnera@ceu.edu .


Throughout the campus, access is provided to individuals with mobility impairments along with designated washrooms. Additionally, in Nador 13 and 15, hearing loops and braille are provided. In some of the computer labs designated computers are equipped with a special software assisting individuals with visual impairment.

Rest rooms accessible for persons with disability can be found at the following places on campus:

  • Nador 9, Ground Floor 
  • Nador 9, 2nd Floor 
  • Nador 13, Ground Floor 
  • Nador 13, 3rd floor
  • Nador 15, -1st Floor 
  • Nador 15, Ground Floor 
  • Nador 15, 1st Floor 
  • Nador 15, 2nd Floor 


Information about the Quellenstrasse campus will be added soon.

For Students

The Dean of Students Office provides advice and guidance to students with permanent or temporary disabilities in the process of requesting accommodations from the university. The following are general categories that may affect learning (by no means an exhaustive list).

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Traumatic Brain Injury; Psychological Disabilities; Autism Spectrum; Chronic Conditions; Temporary Disabilities; Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Blind and Low Vision; Mobility Disabilities

If you would like to know what CEU offers for students with disabilities, please read the Student Disability Policy and visit the website of the Dean of Students Office. also has a Committee on Students with Disabilities

For Employees

Employees with disabilities should contact their unit's designated HRO coordinator. CEU’s Human Resources Office information can be found at https://hro.ceu.edu.