Gender Equity at Events

Academic Events

In academic events, women are significantly underrepresented compared to men as keynote or plenary speakers  or as panelists. The source of this phenomenon is widespread and often unintended gender biasThe professed objective of CEU to be a promoter of equal opportunities means a commitment to counteract occurrences of gender bias. CEU recognizes its responsibility to promote gender equity throughout its events. 

The Policy on Gender Equity at Academic Events and Summer Schools Sponsored by CEU covers events directly sponsored by CEU through its Conferences and Academic Events Fund, and through the financial support given to the Summer University.

  • Organizers of the events should be attentive to address gender equity when selecting the invited speakers for an event.
  • Conferences and Academic Events Fund application form and SUN course proposalsl include sections addressing this issue. 
  • Organizers will have to show either that (1) the event demonstrates a good balance of male and female speakers, or (2) explain how efforts were made and why such a balance could not be achieved. 
  • Organizers should demonstrate their awareness of gender equity issues prevalent in their respective fields, and the efforts they are planning to undertake in order to address equity in their event.

Every CEU unit is encouraged to aim to achieve gender equity in events events organized and hosted by CEU in addition to those covered by the policy. Departments and Schools are invited to make a voluntary commitment to addressing the issue of gender equity in the selection of invited speakers for their event.

For further advice they may consult the Equal Opportunities Committee at CEU.