CEU's Equal Opportunity Policy prescribes regularly monitoring of equal opportunities at CEU. So far the following steps have been taken to fulfill this requirement.

1. The Senate Equal Opportunity Committee produces a bi-yearly report on its activities and the state of equal opportunities at the CEU, which is submitted to the Senate. To see the past reports, please click on the links below. The next report will be produced in 2020 instead of 2019.

Equal Opportunity Report 2015

Equal Opportunity Report 2017

2. A survey was carried out about caregiving in March 2016, the summary of findings can be found here.

3. In 2017 salary statistics were calculated from a gender perspective, for the results please click here.

Baseline Assessment Report of Gender Equality at CEU

In June 2018, CEU entered a project partnership with four other European higher education institutions, two research funding organizations and a consultancy firm within the framework of the SUPERA project-Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia. SUPERA received funding from the European Commissionfor the next 40 months to work towards promoting gender equality in the partnering higher education and research funding organizations, including CEU.

A report on the results of the assessment of the status of gender equality at CEU was developed within the framework of this project, relying on its external funding, but was very much in line with CEU priorities and written with substantive contribution from a very wide range of people from the CEU community (administrators, academic staff, students and leadership). As such, the report can be seen as a self-evaluation rather than an externally driven initiative.

If you are a member of the CEU community, we invite you to follow this link to read all, or parts of, this baseline assessment report on gender equality.