Promotion of Equal Opportunity at CEU


In order to raise awareness and promote equal opportunity at CEU, mandatory training will be available in the 2017-2018 academic year. More information will be posted later.

Academic Courses

Courses currently taught at CEU about equal opportunity-related topics can be found on the course hub:


Events connected to the topic of equal opportunity include Disability Day, Dean of Students discussion on equality policies at CEU during the Orientation Session, 16 Days of Activism, and many events organized by CEU’s Human RightS Initiative. Also see Diversity.

Contribute to Equal Opportunity Efforts

Equal opportunity relies on steady communication within the CEU community to ensure that we are aware of any and all areas that we can improve upon. If you have ideas or concerns about equal opportunities at CEU, or would like to explore ways to get involved in the community, please contact the Equal Opportunity Committee or Aniko Kellner, Equal Opportunity Coordinator.

If you’re a student, you can also share ideas or concerns about equal opportunity at CEU by contacting the Student Union at The student representative of the Equal Opportunity Committee will also be able to answer your questions about policies and procedures, as well as raise any concerns to the Student Union Assembly. 

For volunteering for equal opportunity causes inside or outside CEU, contact the Civic Engagement Office.