CEU Units/Bodies Responsible for Promoting Equal Opportunity and Combating Discrimination

CEU Leadership

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Board of Trustees, the President and Rector, the Provost/Pro Rector and the Senate to provide mechanisms and resources through which the University's objectives for equality and diversity set out in this policy can be delivered and to work together with the University's schools, departments and other units to ensure a fair and equitable division of responsibility under current and future equality legislation and University regulations and policies.

Chief Operating Officer

The Office of the COO guarantees appropriate administrative support for the implementation and monitoring of this policy. Within the framework of reasonable accommodation, the VPA seeks to set aside resources to buy equipment (e.g., software) or offer funds to address the needs of CEU community members who fall into under-represented categories.

Unit Heads

Heads of schools, departments, research centers and administrative and other units at CEU are responsible for the day to day implementation and delivery of the University’s objectives for equality and diversity in that school, department, center or unit, as outlined above.

Dean of Students (DOS)

The Dean of Students (DOS) is responsible for promoting and implementing this policy and other relevant guidance in his fields of responsibilities, in particular with regard to student records, student experience and housing arrangements. The DOS and related offices should also assist as appropriately in monitoring the implementation of this policy.

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is responsible for ensuring that staff and academic selection, recruitment and promotion procedure, as well as conditions for the everyday fulfillment of employment duties are not discriminatory and are duly followed. The HRO has a major role in facilitating and organizing training on equal opportunities for all CEU employees. The HRO should also assist as appropriately in monitoring the implementation of this policy.

The Residence Center Director

The Residence Center (Dormitory) Director is responsible for ensuring that accommodation facilities are offered on a basis which is respectful of diversity and not discriminatory.

Senate Disciplinary Committee and Senate Grievance Committee

The Senate Disciplinary Committee and Senate Grievance Committee hear individual complaints about the violation of this policy. They will make sure that at any given point in time their membership consists of at least one person who is trained for dealing with complaints of discrimination or denial of equal opportunity. They may also seek guidance from the EOC as well as CEU legal advisors on the handling of discrimination or equal opportunity complaints, whilst respecting the confidentiality rights of the complainants and defendants. In case of established violation, they should impose sanctions which support the effective application of this policy.

Senate Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC)

Committee on Students with Disabilities