Moving Subjects: Screening the Migration Crisis Documentary Film Series: Superior Orders

Film Screening
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 6:00pm
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 6:00pm
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower

The Visual Studies Platform at Central European University presents: 

Moving Subjects: Screening the Migration Crisis: Documentary Film Series

Superior Orders /// Felsőbb parancs

directors Viktor Oszkár Nagy and András Petrik
2013 /// Hungary /// 50min /// with English subtitles
Filmed in 2013, the film focuses on the refugees who left Asia and Africa for the European Union. These young men set out on a long and dangerous journey to escape persecution, war, or a hopeless economic situation. Without papers, they crossed multiple borders, and are hoping to enter EU by crossing the border between Serbia and Hungary. If they succeed in getting across, they will have reached the European Union and can continue to Western Europe. This border, however, is controlled by heat cameras; the few refugees managing to cross are likely to run into border guards and local volunteer militia. Before they head for the border, the refugees spend the night under the sky and have to cope with the cold, hunger, tiredness, and abuse by the Serbian police. Risking criminal persecution, a priest from a nearby town provides them with food, clothing and unconditional support.

Producers: Sára László, Marcell Gerő /// Editor: Péter Sass /// Camera: András Petrik /// Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi /// Campfilm Production

Guest: Viktor Oszkár Nagy, film director
Discussion moderated by Oksana Sarkisova (OSA)
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