FAQ Graduation Ceremony

When and where will the Graduation Ceremony of 2021 be held? 
CEU 2021 Graduation Ceremony will be held online.  

Key dates for your diaries: 

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award Ceremony to be announced 
  • Graduation ceremony (central) June 18, 3 PM Youtube 
  • Graduation ceremonies: (departmental, dates to be announced by departments) June 17 – June 21 Zoom  

Closer to the dates we’ll make sure you have all the addresses you require - youtube, Zoom etc. 

Who can follow the Online Graduation Ceremony? 
All graduating students, faculty, family and friends can follow the ceremony.  

Where can I find the link for the online ceremony? 
Links will be sent by your departmental coordinator.  

Will there be an official class picture of my graduating class? How will I get the pictures? 
Information coming soon... 

In which language will the ceremony take place? 
The language of the ceremony is English. 

When and how will I get my diploma? 
You will receive your diploma in the fall the way you indicated on your on-line graduation form: You will either collect it personally in the Student Records Office or it will be sent to the mailing address you provided. To find out when exactly you will receive your diploma, please follow this link https://www.ceu.edu/sro/diploma-preparation-schedule  

Where can I go for more information? 
For further information please contact your department coordinator.