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SENTINEL: Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory
ENEFIRST: Making Energy Efficiency First principle operational
Otto Wagner Areal Plus
SPOD: Sustainable Buildings Policies in Developing Countries
Best Practice Policies for Low Carbon & Energy Buildings
Global Energy Assessment: Energy-Efficient Building Modelling Scenarios
Employment Impacts of a Large-Scale Deep Building Energy Retrofit Programme in Poland
Post-Lisbon Strategy: the climate and energy policy area
IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation
Energy Efficiency Governance
Employment Impacts of a Large-scale Deep Building Energy Retrofit Programme in Hungary
Fuel poverty in Hungary
Possibilities for international financial support for environmental remediation projects in Hungary in the light of the EU accession and integration and the accelerated implementation of the Hungarian National Environmental Remediation Plan (OKKP)
Carbon dioxide mitigation potential in the Hungarian tertiary sector
Assessment of policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings
Green Investment Schemes: Maximizing their benefits for climate and society
European Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative (EnERLIn)
Monitoring Electricity Consumption in the Tertiary Sector (EL-TERTIARY)
REMODECE: Residential Monitoring to Decrease Energy Use and Carbon Emissions in Europe
Carbon dioxide mitigation potential in the Hungarian residential sector
EuroWhiteCert: Stepwise Towards Effective European Energy Efficiency Policy Portfolios Involving White Certificates
Background study for the preparation of the long-term greenhouse gas mitigation strategy of Hungary
The 4C Electricity Project