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RESILIM-O: Resilience in the Limpopo Basin Program - Olifants
Monitoring and evaluating the KNP/SANParks livestock damage compensation scheme against set objectives within a strategic adaptive management framework
Management effectiveness of protected areas in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia, Russia
Tools2: A Year in the Life: Community health and wellness indicators reflecting daily life in Saskatchewan's isolated far North: Implications for Program Planning and Evaluation
Investigating the incidence of damage-causing animals from Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve (Malawi) and consequences on rural livelihoods
A view from the other side of the fence: Tsonga communities and the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
People And Large Carnivores In The Romanian Carpathians - Conflict And Coexistence
Strengthening Romania’s Protected Area System by Demonstrating Best Practices for Management of Small Protected Areas: Conservation attitudes in the communities neighbouring the Măcin Mountains National Park
Midwest Uranium Project EIS Review (Saskatchewan, Canada)
The value of local biodiversity to communities in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea
Global Amphibian Assessment
Sustainable Water Resources Management in Malawi: Lessons for Effective Water Governance
First Nation’s Health Development: Tools for Assessment of Health and Social Service Program Impacts on Community Wellness and Capacity (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Elephant Management - A Scientific Assessment for South Africa
Progress report on the establishment of the National Ecological Network in Hungary