Stipend Supplement

Guidelines for administering the 5,200 euro discretionary fund (stipend supplement) for doctoral students.

Eligibility:  Starting from September 2023/24 academic year all new doctoral students (post-comprehensive) are automatically eligible.

Current post-comprehensive doctoral students (cohort 2022/23), if they opted-in.

Eligible expenses:  For summer or winter schools, conference participation, research trips, fieldwork costs, archival research costs, data or subscription costs, membership fees, travel costs, accommodation costs, registration fees, etc. (All receipts/invoices, etc., should be in the name of the student only).


  • The Doctoral student discusses the proposed activity and provides the justified expense with the supervisor/supervisory committee for the necessary research, conference, etc., needed for the studies.
  • Each month post-comprehensive students may submit the application form by no later than the 20th of each month.
  • Departments must have the DPC review the applications and inform the Financial Aid Office of the decision by no later than the 25th of each month. (The Financial Aid Office will provide the list to the departments).
  • The Financial Aid Office will then send it to the Grant Committee meeting each month for review and approval.
  • Once the Grant Committee has given the approval the Financial Aid Office will inform the student of the approved amount.​
  • The transfer of the Supplemental Stipend will be by the 4th of each month (along with the regular stipend).​
  • Upon returning/research period ends, the student will be notified to submit the report/certificate of attendance or completion (depending on conference or activity) and receipts within 2 weeks to the Financial Aid Office to ensure that the student used the stipend supplement for the given dates and purpose.

Stipend Supplement - 4-year funding (starting from 2022/23 cohort).

Please contact Ildiko Torok – Financial Aid Coordinator at if you have any questions.