FAQ on CEU Vienna

Our new Vienna home is a 6-story building in Favoriten, right at the heart of Vienna’s fabulously vibrant 10th District, one of the city’s most diverse locales. Following an ambitious multimillion euro refurbishment, the doors of 51 Quellenstrasse will open to incoming CEU students in fall 2019.

A collaborative working and learning environment, it will be home to CEU Vienna – an academic community of students, faculty and staff in what is one of the world’s great university cities – for the next 5 years, until we move into our permanent Vienna home. As such, it will represent not only a continuation of CEU’s world-class teaching and research but open up new collaborations, academic partnerships, opportunities for internships and more with our neighbors in Vienna and beyond.

Welcome to CEU Vienna.

Q: Is the accreditation of the University affected by the opening of the new Vienna campus?

Having met the relevant organizational and educational standards (including financial stability, academic accomplishments, and a reputation for excellence), CEU holds an absolute charter from the New York State Education Department and its U.S. degrees are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This remains unchanged. In addition, CEU is now registered to award its U.S.-accredited degrees in Vienna. CEU’s Hungarian entity, KEE (Közép-európai Egyetem) is accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee to award Hungarian degrees and other academic qualifications such as certificates.

Q: Will the accreditation of my degree be affected?

All U.S. degree programs will remain registered by the New York State Education Department. Similarly, the Hungarian programs are, and will remain accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee.

Q: Are CEU’s degree programs accredited in Austria?

CEU is not currently offering Austrian-accredited degree programs.

Q: I have been accepted onto a U.S.-accredited degree program and a Hungarian-accredited postgraduate specialization program. What does this mean in practice?

Based on the cooperation between Central European University (CEU) and Közép-európai Egyetem (KEE), you will enroll into both a U.S.-accredited program (offered by CEU in Vienna) and a Hungarian-accredited program (offered by KEE in Budapest). You will be allowed to transfer credits and are expected to follow a structured mobility track.

Q: Can I choose which campus I want to study on?

No, location is decided at the department level. You will have received details of where you will be based throughout the year in your acceptance offer.

Q: What facilities will be offered at the Vienna campus?

Students studying in Vienna will have access to similar facilities to those offered in Budapest. 

Q: Will I have access to the CEU Library while I am in Vienna?

CEU Library in Vienna will work closely with the main CEU Library in Budapest, and will include access to the same electronic resources, databases, electronic journals and e-books. We are planning for a variety of study and research spaces, some with large-screen computers, just as we have in Budapest and will implement bookable collaboration rooms for Vienna with a few new features requested by students.

  • Print books are expected to be in both locations, with the bulk of the collections housed in Budapest.
  • You can also expect to request a CEU book from one location and get it quickly at the other location.
  • Interlibrary Loan services will work the same way via our online forms. We plan to offer individual research consultations and database instruction for classes, as requested in both locations.

Q: Will CEU provide accommodation at both Budapest and Vienna campuses? Will CEU provide help to those who do not receive accommodation?

Yes, CEU will provide accommodation for eligible students at both its Budapest and Vienna campuses, and housing advice for students who have not been awarded accommodation. More details are coming soon.

Q: Will CEU offer health insurance in both Hungary and Austria?

Yes. We will provide health insurance to all incoming degree students in both countries for the period they spend there. More details on student insurance in Vienna will be shared soon. Please check the website for updates.

Q: Will CEU support travel costs between Budapest and Vienna?

CEU will pay for one return travel ticket between Budapest and Vienna for each student who is based in both campuses.

Q: Will I be eligible for student discounts in both cities?

Yes. We will be able to share more details of student discount schemes soon.

Q: How do I apply for my visa?

Please check this page for detailed guidelines on how to apply. Further detailed information on administrative requirements for your stay in Vienna will be provided along with the "Confirmation of Acceptance for Visa Purposes" letter. Should you have any questions, contact the Admissions Office at admissions@ceu.edu.

Q: How will CEU’s bi-campus operation in 2019-20 affect the structure of my program?

Your individual acceptance offer sets out what the structure of your program will look like. Students of most degree programs will spend at least one term in Vienna, although which term will vary by department. More detailed course listings will be available on your department’s website soon.

Q: Are there any Hungarian and German language courses available to new students at CEU?

All CEU students may attend any of the many subsidized language courses offered by CEU’s Center for Academic Writing.

Q: I heard in the news that the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has proposed cooperation with CEU. What does this mean for CEU students?

Faculty and administrators from CEU and TUM will be meeting soon to discuss possibilities for collaborating across areas of academic complementarity, including those related to science policy and government relations. Since these talks are at an early stage, it is too soon to say what, if any impact it will have on CEU’s programs and for CEU students.

Q: I've been accepted to CEU for AY 2019-20. Will CEU 2025 affect my financial aid status at CEU?

CEU 2025 plans will not affect students accepted for academic year 2019-20, whether you are admitted into a 1- or 2- year master's program. The University is committed to all the details you have received in your acceptance offer, including those regarding finance.