Gesine Reichel (SPP, Germany)

Lead Intern: 2020-2021

Intern: 2019-2020

Tell us about yourself. 

My heart beats for politics, history and the European Union. Before joining CEU, I was a swimming trainer for kids, volunteered in Poland for an organization promoting tolerance and reconciliation, studied IR and Economics in Germany and France and worked for a trilateral foundation.  

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program? 

I hope to get more engaged in the CEU community through my internship and to help CEU somehow during the transition period. It is an exciting experience to help shape future generations of CEU students and at the same time, it is very useful as we develop different skills.  

What would you recommend to a prospective student? 

CEU’s teaching style and lack of hierarchies have made me love studying again. The combination of interactive classes, research and its practical application not only prepares you for your future career but simply makes sense and is fun! 

What makes CEU special for you?  

The diversity of the CEU student body is unique, and CEU understands how to embrace it and use it meaningfully. The many different people I meet, their cultures, perspectives and experiences amaze me every day and I learn so much outside the classroom.