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CEU faculty, researchers, and leadership actively inform the debate on the pressing issues of our time. We welcome you to read their latest contributions, blogs, and op-eds (see below) or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

This Christian Science Monitor article highlights CEU's Roma Access Programs and how participation in the programs has helped alumni reach their goals.

Hungarian weekly HVG interviewed CEU President and Rector John Shattuck. The following is a translation of the article, which appeared in the April 16 print edition.

The key politicians of neither the US nor the EU will attend the May 9 Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. What has gone wrong in the relations between Russia and the West?

The BBC's Sean Coughlan writes about CEU's history, its mission to promote and support open societies and democracy, and how the latter are being scrutinized and challenged throughout the world.

CEU President and Rector John Shattuck talked about his career in diplomacy and law, CEU, the Frontiers of Democracy initiative, and the future of graduate education in an article entitled  “A Global System for Graduate Education?” published in The Atlantic earlier this month.
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Erin Jenne, associate professor in CEU's Department of International Relations and European Studies, writes about the U.S. Tea Party and its open hostility toward Washington in this Washington Post guest post.

In this piece in Slate, SPP Assistant Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick writes about how the U.S. decision on UAVs (personal drones) will affect policy in the rest of the world.

Versailles image credit: Lionel Allorge

Amy Brouillette, director of the European Media Project at CEU's Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS), writes about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban - his rise to power and his desire to turn Hungary into an "illiberal" state - in Foreign Policy.

Wolfgang Reinicke and Thorsten Benner of CEU's School of Public Policy write about the Hungarian prime minister and how the rest of Europe should be reacting to his recently stated objective to make Hungary an "illiberal democracy."

CMCS Research Fellow Markos Kounalakis writes about the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, Russia's involvement, and how the world will react.