Health Insurance Plans (Austria) FAQ

1. Which type of enrollment is necessary for activating the FeelSafe insurance covered by CEU? 

To activate your FeelSafe insurance (CEU covers the cost for full-time BA and degree students) you need to be enrolled at CEU PU

2. Do students need to study physically in Vienna in order to get FeelSafe insurance activated?  

Yes, your insurance will be activated as soon as your status is 'physical' according to the student database. This information is updated by your Department Coordinator. Please also keep your Location information up to date in SITS.    

3. Do students need to present their Meldezettel (Austrian address card) in order to use FeelSafe insurance? 

Your insurance can be activated without a Meldezettel, however, it is important to know that FeelSafe insurance is available for those who have residency in Austria for the period they use medical services. The insurer can check your Meldezettel anytime before covering your invoices. 

4. Under what circumstances can suspend/terminate my FeelSafe insurance? 

The activated FeelSafe insurance is considered continuous during the period when CEU covers the fee. When the coverage is over, the student must decide to either continue paying for the insurance or switch to another health plan that can be used in Austria. Since appropriate health insurance coverage is a prerequisite of securing legal residence in Austria, whenever the insurance is terminated, the student is automatically reported to MA35 by the insurance company, and the residence permit is officially revoked unless another type of insurance (fulfilling the all-risk requirement in Austria) is submitted to the Austrian authorities as a substitute. The Student Center could help you in the administrative process. 

Given that proper (all-risk) insurance is one of the basic requirements set by the Austrian authorities for the entire period of your residence, it cannot be suspended. However, it could be terminated in case of a longer leave (during leave of absence or research break, etc.) and new insurance policy needs to be activated upon return. Please note that a new insurance policy CANNOT be activated within 6 months from the date of cancellation! 

The end of insurance coverage for all students will be reported officially to the insurer and to MA 35 and permits will be revoked. In case you want to extend your stay in Austria, you’d need to take care of your own insurance. Please contact FeelSafe in due time to arrange additional insurance on your own expense. 

5. Could students use the activated FeelSafe health insurance during their exchange/mobility required by their program? What if students start their exchange/mobility at another university before arriving in Austria? 

EU residents’ basic coverage is usually provided through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you plan to use FeelSafe during your short-term (max. 3 months) exchange/mobility/research outside of Austria but within the EU zone you need to activate FeelSafe insurance first onsite in Austria before going on exchange/mobility/research. See the activation process above. 

In case you start your mobility at another university other than CEUplease purchase additional health insurance for this purpose and activate FeelSafe insurance ONLY upon arrival to Austria. 

Within the Erasmus Mobility program students are required to make the necessary insurance arrangements before the start of their stay abroad. At this moment, we cannot recommend specific insurance companies, students are free to choose from any options. 

6. Who manages my insurance? Can I get contact with the insurer to modify the period of my insurance coverage or in case I need more information? 

Please get in touch with the Student Center at instead of reaching out to the Insurance Provider directly as we are the first point of contact for the student body.   

6. I am an international student completing online study but arrived in Austria. Can I activate my FeelSafe insurance? 

Yes, you must activate your FeelSafe insurance, because you need a health insurance coverage for your whole stay in Austria.  

7. Can students who are not enrolled in CEU PU use FeelSafe insurance covered by CEU while doing TAship ? 

NoEither you purchase additional travel insurance OR use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) OR activate your FeelSafe insurance at your own expense unless you are instructed differently by your TAship contract.  

8. How could exceptions be made for students in need? 

An explanation letter is to be sent to the Dean of Students ( who will discuss your case with CEU colleagues and get back to you as soon as possible.  

9. Could students with ÖGK (Austrian state health insurance) get an upgrade with FeelSafe to be eligible for additional services? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible.  

10. I am insured by FeelSafe insurance but having a co-insurance with them is more expensive than with the Austrian state. Can I convert my FeelSafe insurance to the Austrian State Health Care and have free co-insurance for my family member(s)? 

Yes, you can and we at the Student Center will help you in the administration of this process. Please visit us or send an email to  

11. I’m a European Union citizen. I’d like to switch from my state health care to the Austrian State Health care. What should I do? 

Please find the actual process here:  

1) Cancel your home country's state health insurance: Request an E104 form from your home country which confirms that you are not enrolled in your home country’s state health insurance system.  

2) Apply for Austrian State Health Insurance: Fill out the application form "Antrag auf Selbstversicherung in der Krankenversicherung für Studierende" and attach the E104 form if you received it.   

3) Once you sent an insurance confirmation you received from the Austrian Authorities to the Student Center  your application will be reviewed, and you will receive a (partial) refund of your expensesIf you need help or further information, please contact  

12. I have an active FeelSafe insurance. I need to visit the Budapest campus. Shall I take extra insurance? 

The FeelSafe insurance is valid in the whole EU Zone except for Switzerland and no need for extra travel insurance to use it.  

13. I am insured in the Hungarian TAJ by the Education Ministry as part of my Hungarian enrollment. Can I get the FeelSafe insurance in parallel with my PU enrollment? 

Yes, you can. Please contact the Student Center at for further instructions.  

14. I am insured in the Hungarian TAJ by CEU as part of my CEU NY enrollment. Can I get the FeelSafe insurance in parallel with my PU enrollment? 

No, CEU can only sponsor one type of insurance. Please decide which one you would like to use. When keeping your TAJ, you can use your EHIC for medical emergencies in Austria.  

15. I am an Austrian citizen and I am already insured with another private insurance provider, so I don't necessarily need another insurance and wanted to ask if it would be possible for CEU to financially support part of my existing insurance instead? 

Unfortunately, CEU can only cover the CEU Health Plans (FeelSafe, ÖGK, Generali, TAJ, MARSH). 

16. How does an employment (e.g. TA-ship) affect my CEU health plan?  

If you get insurance due to your long-term employment contract, your FeelSafe will get suspended for this time as it is not possible to have FeelSafe on top of a public health insurance (ÖGK). This period does not count to your insurance clock. Contact us for health insurance re-activation once you are no longer employed, or your contract is finished sooner than expected or extended. If you have a short-term freelancer/assignment contract (e.g. TA-ship), your FeelSafe will remain active, as your public health insurance will only be active retrospectively. 

Furthermore, your insurance connected to your contract (assignment or employment) in Austria/Hungary could affect your insurance in your home country (especially in the EU!) so please check with the insurer/government if there are steps you need to take.

Please note, that if you have ÖGK self-insurance and get insurance due to your work contract (employment/assignment/freelancer) your self-insurance will not be suspended automatically at the public health insurance provider! CEU will not pay for your self-insurance during your employment contract and it does not count to your insurance clock. Contact us once you are no longer employed, or your contract is finished sooner or extended so we can re-activate your insurance coverage.  

17. How to make a doctor’s appointment in Vienna? 

If you are insured with FeelSafe you can make an appointment with any doctor from the LARA network who will directly bill FeelSafe. In case you would like to make an appointment with a doctor outside the network, make sure the doctor treats patients with private health insurance. In this case, you would have to pay for your medical bills first and can request a refund later.  

If you are insured with an Austrian public health insurance (e.g. ÖGK) it is a bit different. This insurance does not cover bills from private doctors like those in the LARA network (or at least not all of it). However, you can search for a doctor (e.g. on this homepage called docfinder, filter for your health insurance (Krankenkasse) on the left side), just make an appointment and show them your eCard (Austrian health insurance card) – they will not charge you for it (or only for very special treatments in which case they would tell you in advance)If you did not receive your eCard yet, just tell them your social insurance number and bring an ID with you. You can still make an appointment with the Medical Center on campus.  

18. Where can I get a FeelSafe insurance confirmation (e.g. for visa/residence permit application)? 

In case your certificate is considered expired by the Authorities, please request a new one at

19. Will ÖGK cover the costs of my Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? 

In general, ÖGK is covering prescribed hormones for a transition. If you have started the treatment in your home country already and can show proof of this ongoing treatment then this is relatively easy: You would have to show this proof to ÖGK central at Wienerberg, get it approved by them, and then you can get the prescribed hormones from a pharmacy. ÖGK will refund the costs, at least partially.  

If you did not start the treatment before coming to Austria the process is more complicated. In this case, several expert opinions are needed: a psychological report, a psychiatric report, and psychotherapeutic report – this could take a long time. Once all of those reports got approved by ÖGK they will also cover those costs, at least partially. 

Therefore, we do not recommend transferring to ÖGK for hormone replacement therapy if you are staying in Austria for one year only. If you are staying for longer than that and consider transferring to ÖGK, please get in touch with the Student Center for further administrative advice. You can find more information about trans rights at CEU and health care here.

20. How can I get reimbursed for my medical bills? 

The reimbursement process depends on your insurance provider. 

If you are insured with FeelSafe you can make an appointment with any doctor from the LARA network who will directly bill FeelSafe. In case you would like to make an appointment with a doctor outside the network, make sure the doctor treats patients with private health insurance. In this case, you would have to pay for your medical bills first and can request a refund later. If you are not sure if a certain treatment is covered by FeelSafe make sure to contact them first at lukas.windisch@uniqa.atPlease note that surgeries in private hospitals cannot be covered by FeelSafe! 

If you are insured with ÖGK you can also request reimbursement for certain services. Please find more information on their website.