Call for Proposals and Deadlines

The Humanities Initiative Program at the Central European University is inviting grant proposals to develop and revitalize humanities education and research within CEU. The Initiative is seen as a bottom-up approach to finding the best pathways towards this goal. Funding is available for a variety of innovative, preferably interdisciplinary, single or multi-year projects which bring new ideas to the CEU yet simultaneously build on and enhance its existing capacities.

The basic principles of the Humanities Initiative, introduced in 2014 are described in its founding document: "Humanities scholarship should not be seen as mere instrument to serve or enhance other disciplines. It is an important principle of this initiative that the value of humanities research and teaching at CEU does not rest on its relation to the social sciences or policy, but on their individual merit. At the same time, in fostering and advancing the humanities at CEU, we want to emphasize that the humanities and social sciences at CEU are interwoven, and not opposed. Concrete problem-oriented research and teaching in the social sciences, in policy studies for example, takes a special form here because it is grounded in the normative aspect of CEU's mission. That standpoint – and the critique of it – can be supported and deepened by humanities scholarship. A mission-driven university like CEU should always be engaged with questions of value and meaning."

CEU faculty are eligible to submit proposals in all fields of the humanities broadly defined. Interdisciplinary projects are especially welcome, as is the inclusion of excellent external scholars in the proposed projects. Funding decisions are made on the basis of merit and the project's suitability for the development goals and existing values of CEU.

Application deadlines will be announced in due time.

The Application Form can be downloaded here.