CEU Humanities Initiative

As part of CEU's commitment to both the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and research, the University launched a Humanities Initiative in spring 2014. The Initiative provides incentives for new cross-departmental and interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the humanities, and to infuse CEU social science programs with perspectives, approaches and accomplishments taken from the humanities.

Recent News

A report produced by two CEU students details how the country’s government influences social media and telecommunications companies.

The lives—and crimes—of women active in Hungary’s Arrow Cross Party are brought to light in a new book by Andrea Peto.

CEU researchers found that infants assign agency to unfamiliar entities that take turns making sounds resembling human speech.

Promises made by wealthy countries to phase out coal power are too weak to slow climate change, according to a new paper by CEU researchers.

Both indigenous and international law are essential for sustainable rule of law in African countries, according to research by CEU’s Berihun Adugna Gebeye.