CEU Humanities Initiative

As part of CEU's commitment to both the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and research, the University launched a Humanities Initiative in spring 2014. The Initiative provides incentives for new cross-departmental and interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in the humanities, and to infuse CEU social science programs with perspectives, approaches and accomplishments taken from the humanities.

Recent News

CEU professor and political philosopher Andres Moles puts forward a new way of thinking about equality.

A new study by CEU researchers shows that most people—even if they aren’t pickpockets—can identify objects just by touching them.

From the tea stalls of Karachi to a dusty thrift store in Budapest, take a tour of the documentaries produced by CEU students this semester.

A new paper co-authored by members of CEU’s Department of Network and Data Science suggests corruption is embedded in local social norms.

Members of the collaborative research consortium will analyze hundreds of EU-funded projects to propose actionable solutions.