CEU InnovationsLab

The CEU InnovationsLab is a flagship initiative of Central European University to create economic opportunity in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region by nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and linking academia and business. CEU InnovationsLab was voted Hungary's best incubator at the  Central European Startup Awards, and the only university incubator nominated for Best Incubator/Accelerator in Central Europe.

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Recent News

Toward the goal of becoming a leader in digital technologies in Europe, Hungary is building its largest pavilion ever at the CeBIT conference, which starts in Hannover March 20, and CEU InnovationsLab company Talk-A-Bot will be one of the exhibitors as a successful innovative startup. Talk-A-Bot represented the 18 Hungarian companies participating in CeBIT at a press conference held today by Hungarian government spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs and government project manager Tamas Deutsch.

AbsoRice Hungary Kft., a CEU InnovationsLab company, received the "Innovative Startup of the Month Award” from the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy. CEU InnovationsLab is a business incubator operated at Central European University. Founders and Managing Directors Marton Olah and Tamas Peter Nagy accepted the award from Minister Mihaly Varga in a ceremony held March 14.

PC World, 80,81. oldal - Talk-A-Bot: A mindössze tavaly augusztus óta létező Talk-A-Bot a Közép-Európai Egyetem MBA kurzusán született meg, ahol az alapítók egy üzleti terv elkészítését kapták házi feladatul az egyik órán. Ezt olyan komolyan vették, hogy most, fél évvel később már 200 ezer felhasználója van a Talk-A-Bot által fejlesztett chatbotoknak, és a cég a Viber kiemelt partnere lett.

CEU Business School Students Tamas Nagy and Marci Olah and their vegan-friendly, lactose-, soy-, GMO-, and gluten-free supplement Absorice are featured in Forbes Hungary. Their business was built in the School's Innovations Lab, a business incubator. English translation of Hungarian article is attached below. 

https://forbes.hu/uzlet/a-skype-nagyik-is-szivesen-elcsevegnek-a-magyar-robotokkal/ - Hungarian news portal forbes.hu reports: Students of the CEU Business School in the CEU Business School InnovationsLab, Akos Deliaga and Gergely Kalydi, together with two other team members formed Talk-A-Bot, a start-up venture that was selected by Viber as an official “P