CEU InnovationsLab

The CEU InnovationsLab is a flagship initiative of Central European University to create economic opportunity in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region by nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and linking academia and business. CEU InnovationsLab was voted Hungary's best incubator at the  Central European Startup Awards, and the only university incubator nominated for Best Incubator/Accelerator in Central Europe.

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Recent News

CEU Business School Students Tamas Nagy and Marci Olah and their vegan-friendly, lactose-, soy-, GMO-, and gluten-free supplement Absorice are featured in Forbes Hungary. Their business was built in the School's Innovations Lab, a business incubator. English translation of Hungarian article is attached below. 

https://forbes.hu/uzlet/a-skype-nagyik-is-szivesen-elcsevegnek-a-magyar-robotokkal/ - Hungarian news portal forbes.hu reports: Students of the CEU Business School in the CEU Business School InnovationsLab, Akos Deliaga and Gergely Kalydi, together with two other team members formed Talk-A-Bot, a start-up venture that was selected by Viber as an official “P