Important Information and Useful Documents

Address Registration and Deregistration

Address registration is important for all who settle down and stay more than three days in Austria. You have to register your address within three working days with a registration slip (Meldezettel). Please find the form below in the list of useful documents. On the document, for your first address registration, you have to fill in the section called "Anmeldung" (register) and submit the form to any municipal office  in person.  Find more information about opening hours and appointment bookings here. After receiving the municipal office's confirmation of your registration, please update your location information on the e:vision portal. Note that issuing your certificate/ proof of accommodation may take up to two weeks.

If you wish to change your address, you have to re-register (Ummeldung) or de-register (Abmeldung) your address within three working days. For both, you need the same address registration slip (Meldezettel) as for the registration of your initial address. Select the sections called "Ummeldung"(re-register) or "Abmeldung"(de-register). After filling out the document, submit the form to any municipal office (Meldeservicestelle) in person, and please update your location information in e:vision.

You can find more information in English about the registration process in Vienna here.

Important Information for Third-country Nationals

Your residence permit application at the Austrian immigration office MA35 requires a proof of accommodation. The authorities accept your rental agreement/ contract which must contain information about your monthly expenses for rent and the duration of your stay.  Upon agreement, you can request a proof of accommodation from your renter. Please note that a subtenant is not entitled to sign your registration slip (Meldezettel).

If you rent a flat with a group of friends, you need to prove to the MA 35 that you can pay the whole amount of the monthly rent and not only your quota. This is to avoid problems should someone back out of the shared contract. If you find permanent accommodation with a family member or friend, they can also provide you with a proof of accommodation.

Useful documents