Check our Housing FAQ below:

Looking for Accommodation

What should I think about when I start looking for accommodation?

Before you start looking for accommodation, please consider the type of accommodation you would like to apply for (double room/ single room in a shared apartment, single studio apartment etc.), your budget and certain application deadlines. If you are coming from a non-EU country, you may want to keep the requirements and deadlines of your residence permit application in mind. You can find out more here.

When should I start looking for accommodation?

We say, the earlier, the better. Although student accommodation providers are independent from universities in Austria, they align themselves to the two-term system of higher education (winter and summer semester). If you are looking for accommodation from the beginning of September, we recommend you start your research and sending applications in early spring to make sure you are on the top of the providers' booking lists.

Do I have to live in a dormitory/ student accommodation?

No, any legal living arrangement with a registered address is fine.

How can I find accommodation in Vienna?

Vienna offers an abundance of options for student housing. You can easily search for these on the internet and on our website where we collected a list of recommendations.


How do I apply for accommodation?

You can find a list of recommended accommodation providers on our homepage. Please follow the individual instructions of your chosen supplier. Each of them may have different requirements in their application process.

What documents do I need for an application?

Providers usually need an ID card or a (copy of your) passport.

Accommodation Costs

What is the average price of student accommodation in Vienna? 

The price of a shared room in Vienna is around 350 EUR, while single accommodation starts from 400 EUR. Depending on the location and facilities of the accommodation, prices of a single studio apartment range between 500 and 900 EUR. 

My budget is low, do I have options for funding? 

Yes, please try looking for social funds such as the ÖH Social Fund, financial support from the Austrian Student Union 

How can I pay for accommodation?  

Student accommodation providers usually have an online platform where you can book your accommodation and receive further information about the payment process. The monthly payment for housing happens via a bank/ online transfer. Paying in cash is rarely an option.  

If you choose renting a flat privately, your renter or their representative will inform you about their preferred payment. The usual way of paying rent in Austria is via a transfer on a monthly basis. 

I do not have an international credit card? Can I pay for my accommodation in cash? 

Cash payment is outdated and rarely an option when paying for accommodation. Upon your address registration, you can open an Austrian bank account. If you prefer a credit card suited for international transfers, you may want to try opening a Revolut or a Wise account. 


How long is the duration of my contract?

The duration of your contract depends on the length of your booking. If you rent an apartment privately, the duration is defined in your contract.

Can I stay in student accommodation during the holidays/semester breaks?

Yes, please make sure to inform your provider and extend your booking. Policies about extension and cancellation may vary among providers.

Can I change my housing provider if I am not satisfied with the services?

Yes, but please make sure to find new accommodation before hand and check your provider's cancellation policy. The cancellation period can take up to 2 months.

Can I, and if so, how can I terminate my contract?

Yes, you can. Please follow your provider's cancellation policy included in your contract.

I received a rental agreement from the property owner. Can I ask anybody to help me understand it?

Yes, in the Student Center we offer assistance with understanding your agreement. Nevertheless, please note that we are not allowed to give any legal advice. In need of help, please contact

Can you provide us with a sample rental contract agreement?

Please find a sample rental contract in German on our SharePoint and on our homepage.

What shall I do if the property owner does not allow me to register my address as main residence in Vienna? I need this for my residence permit application at MA 35.

Please check with the landlord in advance before you rent the flat if you can register your address. If the landlord doesn't allow you to register, please avoid renting. Address registration is legally required in Austria upon the 3rd day of your stay.

For more details on how to register your address, please check out our residence permit FAQ on Sharepoint.

Other Questions

What items should I bring?

Depending on the place you choose to stay you might need dishes, towels, bedding and items which accommodate your needs. Some student housing facilities include access to dishes and most include bedding. Please keep in mind that in student dormitories, you may have a limited amount of space for your personal belongings.

I know that my stay will be temporary. Is it a must to register my address in Austria?

If your stay in Austria longer than three days, you have to register your address with the Austrian authorities in a municipal office (Municipal offices can be found in each district and it is not a must to register in your own district's office. You can do this anywhere in Vienna). Please find out more on the address registration process on our homepage. Please check out our residence permit FAQ for the importance of address registration for an application at the Austrian immigration office, MA 35.