Where can I find computers on CEU premises and get assistance when needed?

There are three general computer labs available to all CEU students. For doctoral students, CEU has set up independent department-based Doctoral Labs. For exact locations and opening hours, please visit the web page of the IT Department

You can contact the IT Department Helpdesks by phone in the Nador 15 building (extension 3030), in the CEU Residence Center (extension 5043) and on the 5th floor of the Zrinyi 14 building (extension 2000), or via e-mail by helprequest@ceu.edu.

How will I be able to use CEU IT services?

You will receive a login name and a password in your welcome package at the beginning of the academic year. Two orientation sessions will be provided on the IT services and computer usage in the first days of the academic year. On the IT Orientation you will receive information about the core IT services (Office 365 based email and collaboration, printing, wifi), opening hours and locations of the general computer labs and helpdesk offices. On the Computer Services Orientation you will receive information about the available free computer courses and special classes. The computer courses are offered by the Computer and Statistics Center

Can I use my mobile devices?

Yes. A significant portion of the CEU premises has wireless Internet access. 

You can find more detailed and useful information on the website of IT Services and in the IT orientation presentation