Rented accommodation in Budapest

As the CEU Residence Center cannot house all the students, some need to find rented accommodation in Budapest. We strongly recommend that you start looking for an apartment only when you have arrived in Budapest. Online advertisements sometimes do not reflect the actual state of an apartment. In Hungary, once a property rental contract has been signed by a tenant and landlord, a legal agreement has been entered into force. The tenant cannot give up the tenancy without the landlord's permission. For this reason you should only sign a lease contract after having seen the flat. CEU cannot take any responsibility for problems arising from the contents of a contract. 

The Dean of Students Office assists students in findig long and short-term accommodation both in Budapest and Vienna. You can contact the Housing Assistant at

If, however, students prefer searching for flats ahead of time during the summer period, they can directly contact the following rental agent:

Zsofia Gomory-

When you find a suitable apartment you should complete a lease contract with the owner, or with an agency authorized by the owner. It is recommended to use the CEU contract form for this purpose. The contracts (in Hungarian and English) are available in hard copy at the Student Center. Students may enter into a separate legal relationship with the landlord independent from CEU. CEU takes no responsibility for the content of and/or any eventual claim arising from such relationship between you and the landlord.