Family benefits

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Every person residing in Austria with children is entitled to the public family allowance (Familienbeihilfe, FBH). The children must live in the same household.

EU/EEA citizens: EU law applies, meaning that individuals must have their permanent residence in Austria and must be enrolled in the public health insurance system (ÖGK). Furthermore, EU/EEA citizens must prove that they are not entitled to a similar benefit from another EU/EEA country.

Third country citizens: Must be permanent and legal residents in Austria. A student visa and residence permit in combination with a visa/residence permit for dependents does entitle to FBH.

How to apply: The application must be filed at the local tax and revenue office (Finanzamt) with form Beih100. The FBH will be paid out each month by the local tax and revenue office to an Austrian or foreign bank account.

The monthly benefit depends on the number of children in the household and their ages. The current rates can be found here.

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Only EU/EEA citizens are entitled to get access to the Hungarian family benefits. They must be enrolled in the Hungarian State Health Care System and have a valid registration certificate and address card.

Childbirth & infant care related benefits including:

  • infant care allowance (Csecsemőgondozási díj/CSED)
  • paternity leave and cash benefits (Apasági szabadság)
  • birth grant (Anyasági támogatás)

More information available here.

Childcare benefits including:

  • for parents of children under 2 years of age after Maternity Leave (Gyermekgondozási Díj/GYED)
  • for parents of children 2 - 3 years old (Gyermekgondozást segítő ellátásra/GYES)
  • for parents of 3 or more young children (Gyermeknevelési támogatás/GYET)
  • family allowance for childrearing & schooling (Családi pótlék)

More information available here