Accommodation for Families

Accommodation for Families

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Austria does not have a tradition of on-campus accommodation. Students typically live in dormitories or in private apartments. Please find more general information about accommodation in Vienna here. Although this might be the first to come to mind, private housing is not the only option for families. Student dormitories often offer apartments that are suitable for couples and their children. We recommend the services of the following providers:


All students studying at CEU on Master's or PhD scholarships are provided with funding for expenses designed to cover living costs of the student. In the case of Master's degree scholarship recipients eligible for housing, this includes accommodation in the CEU Residence Center.

Since the CEU Residence Center is not designed to house small children, MA scholarship recipients may request an exception allowing them to receive the value of the Residence Center accommodation in their stipend if their children are staying with them in Budapest. Requests for this Out-of-dorm Accommodation Assistance should be addressed to the Dean of Students Office including proof of the child(ren)'s residence in Hungary.